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Water Filtration

Are you concerned about the quality of the water you are drinking?

Stronghold Plumbing LLC is here to help. Our team will provide you and your family the best water filtration options for your home. Water softeners are a type of water filter specifically for hard water. Water softeners typically only remove magnesium and calcium, but some are designed to remove more like chloramine.

Hard water is high in mineral content, which causes scaling and appliance damage. Water softener systems deal with hard water to create a softer feel and prevent scale buildup, all while keeping healthy minerals. However, hard water can damage your plumbing and destroy your clothes. It is household water that contains high amounts of calcium and magnesium. These minerals don’t make water unhealthy to drink and are undetectable through smell or taste, but they can still be harmful.

Hard Water Issues

  • Water Spots

Water spots on sinks, dishes, silverware, and shower enclosures.

  • Hard Water Deposits

White, crusty deposits form on teakettles and coffee pots.

  • Excessive Water Use

Reduces the lathering and rinse-ability of laundry detergent, body soap, and shampoo.

  • Hard Water Build Up

Build up which clogs pipes, seize valves, and plug aerators and showerheads.

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